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Are you insured to perform the cleaning services?
Yes, we have a full public and employer's liability insurance cover. All our cleaners are included in the cover.

Many companies act as introduction agencies only. Do you operate on the same basis?
No, and we don't charge an introduction fee.
After we have introduced a cleaner to you we continue to maintain the cleaning service at high quality level and carefully monitor the feedback we receive so we can provide you with the service you want.

Do I have to be at home when you clean my house?
It's your choice. By far, the most efficient and problem-free way for everyone is to give us a spare set of keys and alarm codes. This option is also preferable by most of our Clients.

Should you rather let your maid in each visit please ensure that you will actually be at your home when your maid is going to arrive. We are unable to specify an exact arrival time for your maid so we do encourage our clients to issue keys for access so that you are not waiting around for your maid to arrive and there is also no possibility that your maid will be stuck outside your home unable to get access.

Your keys are re-labelled with our reference details so that if lost they cannot be traced back to either you or your property. In the unlikely event it will be our responsibility to arrange for the key replacement or re-keying your locks.

How many people will clean my home?
We will usually send you one cleaner. However, if we feel the job requires more than one cleaner, then we will send a team of two including a Team Leader (supervisor).

Will I always have the same cleaner?
We will make every effort to have the same person clean your home. Occasionally there may be a change due to illness or holidays. Under these circumstances, we will endeavour to arrange a cover for you with your agreement.

Do I need to provide my own house cleaning products?
Yes. However, we can supply cleaning products on regular basis if you have opted for materials supply.

How do I pay for your residential cleaning services?
Payment is due at time of service. You may pay by cash or cheque. Payments for regular services are subject to standing order arrangement.

You will receive an e-mailed invoice at the end of every month. Unless you have added any extra tasks during the billing period or have had a supply of cleaning materials - the amount you will be charged will be identical each clean as stated in your agreement.

What are your house cleaning rates?
Our fees are based on the condition and size of your home. It is best to contact us and arrange a 1/2 hour visit to your property for a free estimate. If you would like to arrange for a free estimate click here.

Is your house cleaning work guaranteed?
We guarantee a 100% satisfaction on quality of our work. Should you find yourself unsatisfied with the work we've done in your home, simply call our office within 24 hours of your cleaning session, and we will re-do it to your full satisfaction at no additional charge!

Can I specify the days for the cleaning?
Yes, you can specify the days for cleaning and we will make every effort to meet your requirements.

Can my regular cleaner do additional tasks not covered in my daily program?
Yes, just call or email us with your request, a minimum of 48 hours before your scheduled visit and we will instruct your maid accordingly.

Is my maid uniformed?
Yes. Our uniform consists of a mid length apron and a t-shirt. Your maid will arrive in her own travelling clothes and will change at your house prior to starting her work. She will have a clean pair of indoor working shoes to wear while cleaning. Please note: We do not clean in socks, open toe slippers or bare feet.

What if I go on holiday or need to cancel the scheduled cleaning session?
Please give us at least 2 days notice of the days you would like to cancel and we can arrange this for you. Please be advised that all cancellations are subject to cancellation fee as stated in para 5.1. of our Terms and Conditions.
If notice was not given and our maid actually arrived and was unable to enter your home/property then 100% of the full contracted amount will be charged. Please always remember to notify us of any changes in advance.

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