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For a copy of our full Terms and Conditions in pdf format please e-mail us.


1.1. Valentina Cleaning Services (VCS) agrees to perform the work specified by the Client in professional manner using every care to accomplish a high quality satisfactory service.

1.2. By ordering domestic services from VCS the Client represents that he/she is agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions at all times while using the service.

1.3. The Client is responsible for the provision of cleaning materials and equipment when booking a regular cleaning service. Cleaning equipment must be in full working order. VCS helps with the selection of cleaning materials necessary for the service.
1.4. VCS will provide own equipment and cleaning materials for 1-off / end of tenancy clean.

1.5. If requested by the Client Valentina cleaning services can monitor client's stock and do the supply of cleaning materials before they run out. All supplies will be charged separately from the service.

1.6. You agree that any additional cleaning tasks must be communicated to and ordered through VCS only, not through the cleaner.


1.6. Valentina Cleaning Services is committed to provide excellent service with 100% quality satisfaction guarantee.

1.7. In the unlikely event that the Client is dissatisfied with the quality of completed work, we require to be notified no later than 24 hours after the completion of the service. Valentina Cleaning Services will re-do the job to full Customer's satisfaction at no extra charge.


Regular service

2.1. You shall sign and return to VCS, or agree to on-line recurring transactions authority authorising VCS to take payment from Your Bank Account or Credit card company of the sum specified on the front, or at the beginning of the Agreement ("Sum"), payable on the day the service is agreed to be provided.

2.2. Payments for the suppliedcleaning materials are to be made within 7 calendar days upon received invoice.

End of tenancy clean / spring-clean

2.3. A minimum of 50% deposit of the quoted price for a spring/1-off/after-tenancy clean is payable on the day of booking. Theremaining balance is to be paid upon the completion of work on the day the service was provided.


3.1. We recommend that you have your own separate insurance, and not just the insurance mentioned in this section.

3.2. Valentina Cleaning Services is insured by Covea Insurance plc. with public and employer's liability cover for accidental damages to property or injury to cleaner.  Public liability cover is for a maximum payment of 2,000,000 in the event of damage to the Client's property, provided that this damage is caused by the negligence or omission of the Cleaner. You acknowledge and confirm that it is your responsibility to notify VCS about any fragile items of high or sentimental value which require extra care, as well as to provide recommended by or agreed with VCS cleaning products and domestic equipment in safe and good working order for use by our Cleaner. We will not be liable for any act, default or omission of the Cleaner. You acknowledge and agree that VCS does not have access to police records, and may not have access to criminal records, when vetting Cleaners and We cannot be liable for false or misleading information provided by Cleaners.

3.3. Any claim should be made no later than 24 hours upon completion of the service. No claims will be entertained after the above time limit.

3.4. The insurance policy will only cover damage to property if and to the extent that the damage is of a value in excess of 100. Neither We nor our insurers will accept liability to any claims under 100 which are hereby excluded. Where any claim is of a value exceeding 100 You shall be liable to pay the first 100 of any such claim.

3.5. The insurance policy does not cover loss or theft of property or possessions, or damage or loss caused by bleach or any substances containing bleach.

3.6. The insurance policy is subject to the terms and conditions, and exclusions, set out in the policy, a copy of which is available from VCS on request, and You shall be bound by such terms and conditions, and exclusions. However, the main conditions for making an insurance claim are as follows: 

3.6.1. The Client must take all the necessary and reasonable precautions and emergency action to prevent further injury, loss or damage occurring; 

3.6.2. The Client must notify VCS as soon as possible giving full details of the incident; 

3.6.3. Where necessary, notify the Police of any incident involving loss, theft, malicious damage or vandalism;

3.6.4. The Client must make a statement, using the Damage Claim Forms provided by VCS, concerning damage, how it was caused and the value. The Client must also provide receipts or quotes from firms approved by VCS  in respect of such damage;

3.6.5. The Cleaner must issue a statement as above and admit that the damage was caused by their own fault or negligence;

3.6.6. An Insurance claim form will then be completed by VCS, following which, if the insurance broker appointed to handle the claim needs further information, You agree to supply it;

3.6.7. Claims where the Client is already covered under its own household insurance policy are excluded;

3.7. We will not arrange for the insurance referred to in this clause if there is an outstanding unpaid amount owed by the Client to VCS in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement 


4.1. To the extent permitted by law, VCS hereby excludes liability, for any loss or damage whatsoever, including breach of contract, breach of any statutory provisions or implied terms, and/or as a result of negligence by VCS or its employees or agents, or that of any Cleaner sourced through VCS.

4.2. VCS will not be liable for any loss or damage to the Client or any goods or property of the Client however arising. 

4.3. Maids of Valentina Cleaning Services will make every effort to complete the service to the highest standard. However, VCS cannot be held liable nor responsible for:

4.3.1. Cleaning service not complete due to the lack of suitable and in good working order cleaning equipment (i.e. vacuum cleaner, mop, sponge, clothes, cleaning liquids etc.);

4.3.2. Existing damage or spillage that cannot be cleaned/removed completely by the Cleaner using the provided by the Client domestic cleaning products or cleaning equipment;

4.3.3. Accidental damages due to faulty equipment provided by the Client;

4.3.4. Any accidental damages below and up to 100.00

4.3.5. Any accidental damages caused by a maid working on behalf of Valentina Cleaning Services, if there is an outstanding amount owed by the Client to Valentina Cleaning Services (excluding the payment due for the cleaning visit when the damage occurred).

4.3.6. Damages to any fragile or highly breakable items, items of sentimental value, art and antiques which were not declared and documented as such before the commencement of the service. Client also agrees to notify and declare such items which were acquired after the initial service agreement was made.

4.3.7. Cash and jewellery

4.4. If VCS is held liable by the courts to the Client for any reason whatsoever, including for its negligence, VCS will only be responsible for any losses that the Client suffers which are a reasonably foreseeable consequence, up to a maximum of a four recurrent payments as specified at the front of this Agreement.

4.5. In any event, VCS does not accept liability for any business loss (including, without limitation, any loss of contracts or business opportunity, loss of revenue, loss of profits or loss of anticipated savings in expenditure).

4.6. VCS shall not be liable under any circumstances for any losses that the Client suffers as a result of any failure by a Cleaner to comply with his/her contractual obligations for whatever reason regardless of the fact that such Cleaner has been introduced to the Client by VCS.

4.7. VCS shall not be liable for any failure of, or delay in, performance of all or any part of any contract in accordance with these Terms which is due wholly or partially to any cause or occurrence beyond VCSs reasonable control,

4.8. VCS shall not be required to perform or complete performance, nor shall it incur any liability for failure to carry out the terms of this Agreement, if at the relevant time the Client is in breach of any obligation to VCS under any contract with VCS. VCS shall have a reasonable time, after such a breach is remedied, to carry out its obligations under this Agreement. If such a breach is not remedied within a reasonable time VCS may, on giving reasonable notice to the Client, end this Agreement and shall have the same rights against the Client as if VCS had ended this Agreement due to a breach of a term of this Agreement by the Client.

4.9. In any event, VCS shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by bleach or any substances containing bleach.

4.10. All warranties in respect of the Service, whether implied by statute or common law, made expressly or otherwise, are hereby excluded to the extent permitted by law. Furthermore, to the extent permitted by law, VCS does not guarantee the service, or the performance thereof, in any way whatsoever.


5.1. If Client wishes to cancel a contracted cleaning session - a minimum 2 (two) working days notice must be given to VCS. All cancellations are subject to cancellation fee of 25.00 or 50% of the total regular (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) contacted amount, whichever is higher. The remainder from the regular recurring payment shall be refunded to the Client.

5.2. If a regular contracted cleaning session was not cancelled by the Client and cleaner was unable to enter the premises on the day the service was scheduled - the full contracted amount for that session will be due and must be paid off before the next scheduled cleaning session. Therefore, the recurring payment made to VCS for that day will not be refunded to the Client.

5.3. Valentina Cleaning Services reserves the right to terminate the service with immediate effect due to non-payment of the amount due.


6.1. There is no minimum period for contract.

6.2. VCS can terminate this Agreement only by giving not less than one week notice in writing to the Client, or with immediate effect if the payments are not maintained as specified at the front of this Agreement.

6.3. Client can terminate this Agreement only by giving at least 2 (two) weeks notice in writing to Valentina Cleaning Services, specifying the date of the last cleaning session. The account must be settled within 7 days of the last cleaning session.

6.4. VCS may keep any monies owed to the Client, and decide to terminate the service, if it believes that the Client is/was acting unlawfully, or is an unsuitable or being unreasonable. VCS's decision being final in this matter.

6.5. If VCS believes that the Client has used, or is attempting, or intending to use our Cleaner directly without paying VCS, VCS has the right to substitute the Cleaner or to discontinue the supply of the service. VCS's decision being final in this matter.


7.1. By entering into this Agreement with Valentina Cleaning Services You agree that upon the termination of the service you will not hire or use any home-related services provided by the present or past Cleaners introduced to You by VCS.

7.2. You will not refer any Cleaner introduced to you by Valentina Cleaning Services to any other person, except by referring through VCS.

7.3. If Client wishes to hire, refer or use any home-related services provided by our cleaner directly at any time within 12 (twelve) months of the last cleaning services provided to you through us  - you will be liable to us for our referral fee of 1,500.

7.4. The referral fee is payable within 14 days of a written request to the Client by VCS.


Valentina Cleaning Services reserves the right to make changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without giving any prior notice.

Valentina Cleaning Services is a trading name of Valentina Cleaning & Maintenance Services Ltd. Registered in England and Wales.  Company reg No: 8449998

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